Tuesday, October 12, 2010

 After I completed the top and bottom of the jumpsuit, I had Alexander try them on, so I could pin them exactly where I wanted the waist and crotch depth to fall. Next, I sewed "wrong" sides together, so the raw edges were now on the outside of the garment and folded the excess fabric from the top over the raw edges to create a waistband.

Since this is only a costume, I added diagonal zipper "patches" in the front to make it appear as though the jumpsuit has pockets.

I'm Almost finished with this garment!  The only things left are belt loops and hemming the sleeve/pant bottoms, then we will get creative with the proton pack.

Monday, September 20, 2010

It's Ghostbusters for Halloween this year.

This week I'll be starting on Alexander's Dr. Venkman costume for Halloween.  I have already digitized the Logo for the sleeve and the Venkman name tag.  I had wanted a simple pattern for this one, but when I went to the local fabric store, I soon realized that this wouldn't be the case.  Now I know why the surge of vintage patterns is hitting ebay and etsy.  So many patterns are out of production and with sewing now becoming popular again, sewers are looking for that classic/traditional pattern.  With a little measuring, and taking what's referred to as a slopper pattern, you can create your own pattern, which is what I am doing with this project.  Every pattern/garment starts with a basic shape and then it is altered from there.  I've already altered the sloppers and  gotten the these basic shapes cut out of fabric.  From there, I start getting creative, adding other pieces and embellishments.

Friday, September 17, 2010

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